Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Return to Matainui - Preparation

After the discover of the 4 Matai islands, and the land claims by 4 classrooms, one of these class' decide to go back to their island, Matainui. My class. The island has never before been touched by human life, and is expected to have dense forest and plenty of bird life. There are 3 known mountains, a large lake, multiple rivers, beaches, and mixed vegetation. Due to transport methods to Matainui island, our luggage is limited to the clothes on our back and the contents of our backpacks, which in my case, is a rough 10 items. I have strategically chosen these items in accordance to my group, which consists of me, Josiah, Grayson, Samuel, and Leon. So, lets have a peek at what i am bringing to Matainui...
1. A 2 litre drink bottle, filled with water.
2. A swan dry
3. A 25 square foot tarpaulin
4. A roll of nylon string
5. A Hatchet (small axe)
6. 10 black rubbish bags/black sacks, in a roll.
7. A survival blanket
8. Another survival blanket
9. A metal, 3 litre bucket.
10. Swiss army knife.

Everyone is excited about their trip, yet at the same time a a bit nervous. We will be traveling in a Grumman sea plane, 1 week from now.
until then....

-Winged Hussar

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  1. I reckon we should all come to school one day dressed as we would be for the adventure...
    I'd definitely bring a swanni too. And a really good survival or multi-tool knife of some description.
    Nice post.