Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Return to Matainui - Day 7

It was still dark, but wasn't too cold. I grabbed the bag of porridge and ate some until there was only half as much as there was yesterday when I grabbed it. I thought about leaving early so I could sneak up the mountain amid the dawn chorus. It was a perfect plan. So I grabbed the Wunderwaffe and the small bag of blue porridge. I kicked over the shelter and scattered the branches all over the treeline on the beach, and headed down the coast towards the mountain.

It was an easy walk this time. Nothing too hard apart from some rocks on the bay. I could see the mountain 100 metres from me, and it was stepped like the other spaceship mountain that belonged to the drones. I climbed up the first step, and the birds were starting to make some noise. It wasn't deafening yet, but soon it would be unbearable. I continued climbing the stepped mountain covered in lots of wild long grass and soil with various other plants.

Two steps from the top, and I was weary. The birds hadn't shut up. I hadn't noticed any signs of Wormians or Drones. I climbed up the next step, and sprawled myself on the flat terrain. One step up should be a control square control room, with blast doors. This mountain was much much higher than the other one that Dilshen and co were staying. The climb must had taken me two hours, and I couldn't even hear my own panting breath and beating chest above the irritating birds. Judging by the fact they were still chirping, it must still be in the morning, maybe 8 or 9 o'clock. I climbed up the final step. At the top was what looked like a normal square bit of land covered in plants. I walked around 2 sides and there were the blast doors. I tried miming that I wanted to come in and that I came in peace. The doors slowly started to open after ten minutes, and I stood beside them waiting for them to fully open, and when they did, a human like bird (A Drone) came out running, then half a second later it was engulfed in lightning lines swiveling around its whole body. The Drone went spastic, and dropped dead, twitching. A wormian must have shot him. I ran to the back of the control room, with my Wunderwaffe at the ready. I couldn't hear anything from inside. I kept low and sneaked to the wall of the control room between the back and front, then went prone and moved towards the door. I was a metre away now, and kept my concealed. "We have control of this ship. half of you stay here, me and the others will go by land to the other ship. Keep eyes on us and radio us informatin of any trouble makers until we get there. And get rid of the bodies." They had killed the drones inside the room. I ran to one of the side walls facing the direction of the blast doors. Some Wormians came out. They were headed to the other spaceship. I had to warn Dilshen and the others before the wormians got to them. I had come a long way for nothing, and had to Endeavour on another long journey. I cautiously walked inside, and a Wormian was standing at a dashboard with it's back to me. I crept up to it and stuck the Wunderwaffe barrel to the back of it's deformed head. "Is this a spaceship?" I asked.
"Yes." It replied, sticking it's hands in the air.
"How do you fly it?"
He replied with a tone in his voice."I was trying to figure that out until you came in."
"Ok then. What is you doing here"
"Trying to fly the space ship! are you stupid?"
"I mean, what are all you disgusting worm people doing here"
"Disgusting? Look at yourself. We used to be like you, thank heavens we're not trapped in those filthy bodies anymore"
"What do you mean used to be like me?"
"Humans. A large team from area 51 came here in 2166 , then they stumbled into a cave jammed full of Uranium and had terribly good effects."
"You mean they mutated?"
"No, a pretty pink fairy turned them into half worms and half humans. Idiot"
"So what are - Wait. Came here in 2166? its 2009, and you call me and idiot"
"No, its actually 3002."
"Thats impossible. I left to come here in 2009. A 1 1/2 hour journey doesnt take almost 1000 years."
"It didn't take almost 1000 years. Like you said it took 1 1/2 hours. You warped"
"Ok, but why did a team from area 51 come here in two thousand one hundred and something?"
"Too stop the drones."
"Who are the drones?"
"Beings from another planetary system. They came here to protect earth from the disastrous climate. They were destroying our nature and wildlife. You saw for yourself, They took birds and altered them into servants."
"Okay Okay." It was hard to take in so much information at once. "So Matainui Island. The drones came and put spaceships on it. What else did they do?"
"They're home village is on the mountain, but we can't get anywhere near it because they will do anything to keep us away."
"So you kidnapped us and tried to use some of us as hostages so you could get in thier village?"
"Yes. Then you were here. Now lower your weapon, someone is on thier way to escort you to a camp."
"I'll tell you what to do here, not you tell me. Get this thing off the ground, don't try anything funny. Don't think I won't shoot"
"Whatever boss" It started fiddling around on the dashboard, then I went to another board and looked for a glass button like the one that controlled a large camera. It didn't take long to find it, and I pressed it down. The screen lit up, and a view of the whole island from birds eye flicked on. I moved my hand over the button to drag the camera and centred the mountain that wasn't a spaceship on the screen. There were two arrow buttons next to it. I pressed one and the camera zoomed in. I held it down until it was zoomed in enough to see birds. I dragged the camera to the lake to see if anything was there. nothing abnormal. I dragged to the mountain, and after a bit of searching found the promised village. I zoomed out a bit until the whole mountain was in view. There was a loud explosion, and the blast doors were blasted apart. An armed Wormian walked in. "Drop it!" It demanded, looking at me. As it began to raise it's rifle I ducked behind the dashboard. A blue bolt flew over my head. I stood up and shot at the Wormian. Bullseye, or Wormseye, the bolt hit it square in the head. Before it dropped dead, I turned to the other Wormian. It pressed something, a stick popped out of the dashboard, it grabbed it, and the spaceship mountain stepped pyramid get airborne. It started violently shaking, and I could see the Wormian shaking the control stick. He was trying to throw me out the open doorway. I grabbed onto something, and started hanging vertical. I pulled up the wunderwaffe, and fired a shot at the Wormian. It hit the floor at its feet, and I shot again. This time it hit. The dieing sequence started again. It rolled around on the floor and rolled down towards the open doorway and fell what must have been at least 20 kilometres into the lake. I clawed up to the control stick and angled it safely. The sun was beggining to set. I decided not to do anything and sleep tonight, as the Wormians were most likely to attack the Drone mountain in the morning.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Return to Matainui - Day 6

I couldn't tell if I was awake or not because it was too dark, and i was still lying next to the door waiting for someone to come in. It felt like I had already been here for two days because I was starving and had no sense of what the time was.

The starvation pain was getting unbearable, then I heard some voices. "They've breached! grab the prisoners! hold them hostage" Who had breached what? the lair? maybe it was the bird people. It hit me, they must have been what the wormian's called the drones. I heard Wunderwaffe shots going off, and chaos everywhere. The door opened, an armed Wormian walked in, looked around and spotted me. Before he could grab me as a hostage, I dodged his lunge and held the knive to his throat. Deja vu. "Don't do anything funny." I walked out, and a Wunderwaffe lightning bolt flew past my head.
"They're getting away with one of the prisoners! After them!" I could hear the door to the lair open, and the Wormian escaped my grip. He got a few metres in front of me and turned around, firing a shot. Thankfully it failed miserably, striking a metal pipe on the hallway roof. That wasn't good. Most metals are conductors. I followed it with my eyes as the electricity traveled down the pipe, into another room. BOOM! I could see the door in which the electricity traveled through crumbling to bits, and I made a beeline for the exit. I escaped with my life, but as for the other prisoner or prisoners, I wasn't sure. To make things worse I was still starving.

I wasn't blinded by the light this time, and I had nothing. I was standing, thinking, outside the entry to the lair. I went inside, and scanvanged around. There were 3 prison cells, a large room with tables that looked like a cafeteria, and the armoury. I grabbed a wunderwaffe, and went in to the cafeteria. In there was another door, which I walked into. There were shelfs with sacks. I opened one and inside it there was some of the blue Porridge stuff I had been fed before. I gleefully devoured it, and fulled myself up.

I was lying on a small bed inside an unlocked prison cell, thinking of ways to find other people. Surely there were communications in the lair. I walked into the armourey looking for something. On one of the walls i spotted a hard to find small green switch. I flicked it down, and a 22" screen popped into the wall. On it was a diagram of the island, labelled in English. On the small mountain where Dilshen, Maddi, Kieran, Kim, Haylee were at when we saw them on the second day. The label read - Drones reserve spaceship. On the mountain which was by itself, the label read - Drones spaceship. Then in 7 or 8 different locations on the diagram, were camps, all lettered. The one that read "Camp E" was highlighted in green. It must have been the one I was at right now. I now knew where I was, Halfway between the lake and the edge of the island on the east. The small mountain was a straight forward walk down the beach and through one bay, but the treacherous scenery could of made it take quite some time. Plus to mention the threat of giant eagles with a 3 metre wingspan and wormians. There was one other problem. If I made it to the mountain the Drones would certainly consider me as a hostile being. But it felt like 3 o'clock in the afternoon, so I decided to head towards the mountain with a wunderwaffe and a small bag of the blue porridge.

My predictions were right, I had decided to head to the topmost west beach first to make a simple walk down the coast to the bay around the mountain, then walk inland towards. But to get to the coast first took me about an hour. I must have got lost and walked in circles for a bit. I had a copy of the map in my pocket, and pulled it out. I was smack bang where I wanted to be. The Forrest had no path to navigate through, and tramping had me exasperated. Luckily no trouble had ran in to me. I decided to make another stick shelter and finish the rest of the journey tomorrow.

The sun was setting, and I sat underneath my second stick shelter resting for the day ahead. I had a portion of the blue porridge, and looked out towards the beutiful blue ocean. There some clouds a few hundred metres off shore, and once again, they made a ring around the island. Not a single cloud had come inside the islands air space, neither could you see a single star. Maybe there was something gaurding the island, perhaps a forcefield. But it was too unrealistic, like everything else that had happened so far in these six days. I settled for the night ahead, andbegan to think about the deafening dawn chorus.