Sunday, November 29, 2009

Return to Matainui - Day 5

I woke up, in what seemed like a prison cell. The floor was concrete, the walls were concrete, and the ceiling was concrete. I lay on the cold floor with a thin green blanket over me. With all the technology the worm people probablay have, the could have easily made this room advanced and inescapable. But it was just like a regular prison cell. All that were inside was me, the blanket, a toilet, and some buckets in the corner. One wall had been replaced by metal bars about 2 inches wide, and there was a classic lock mechanism and part of the bar wall would slide. I stood up and walked to the bars, grasping one in each hand. "Hello?" I called. Shortly after a worm person slithered in front of the prison cell with a trey. He pulled out a key, unlocked the door, put the tray on the ground, locked the door, and left. "Eat" he said as he disapeared down the corridor outside my cell. It was just like the one in the worm people base I was at yesterday, but there were no other doors that I could see. I looked at the tray, and on it was some blue porridge like substance heaped up, a 2 litre water bottle and a cloth. I put some of the blue stuff on my fingers, tried it, and had some more. It tasted pretty good, I guess you can't judge a book by its cover after all.

I sat in the corner with my drinking bottle and started fiddling with the cloth. Then suddenly I got an idea from a movie I saw. I poured half the bottle into a bucket next to me, and dipped the cloth in it. Most clothing materials don't break when they are wet. When the cloth was fully soaked I took it out, and wrapped around two of the bars at the cell door, and pulled both ends as hard as i could. I was trying to squeeze the bars to make a bigger gap that I could slip through. The bars were slowly budging, millimeter by millimeter slowly but surely. I started too get dizzy, but kept on pulling the cloth. After 20 minutes the two bars were touching each other, creating a bigger gap between the bar next to it, but not big enough. So soaked the cloth again and wrapped it around the two bars next to the two bars I just twisted. This job was sapping all my energy. After half an hour there was a gap big enough to squeeze through, but I was too tired and lay down next to the bucket drinking the water out of my bottle. I pulled the thin blanket over myself and went to sleep again.

When I awoke for the second time today, I saw two worm people threatening me at wunderwaffe point. "What's this?" I asked. One of them turned around and pointed at the gap. "What's that?" It asked.
" I don't know. How'd that happen?"
"Don't play dumb with us. I saw the door this morning. It was fine. Now its bent at four bars, with a gap big enough to squeeze through."
"I swear I didn't notice that. If i did I would of squeezed through it. honest!"
"So you're saying you went sleep again and didn't know anything about the broken bars?"
"Yes that's exactly what I'm saying!"
"You're coming with us" they marched down the hall and up some stairs similar to that in the lair that i found. He unlocked the main door and as I stood outside, I was blinded by the brightness. it took 5 minutes for my eyes to adapt to the light, and by then I had no idea where I was. I couldn't hear any river flowing, so I couldn't have been near any rivers or streams. After half an hour of walking through green There was another small room covered in plants with two worm aliens guarding it. They took me inside to the darkness again, and down the hall, into an door arch. In it was nothing but a toilet. they pushed me in, pushed a button on the wall, and thick metal doors slammed down through the archway. I couldn't see a thing. It was pitch black. I felt for the walls and walked around the whole room, holding on to them. They were solid cold concrete. I sank into the corner, thinking of a way to get out. I remembered that I still had Marek's hunting knive in my hand, but it was no use. I had a cunning plan, and walked around the outsid eof the room using the wall as a guide and soon after My hands were on the wall. I moved to the left, next to the door, and lay down with the hunting knive in my hand. I was waiting until someone would come in, but I did't know when they would.

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